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Building Value Through Showing Up


The world of multifamily management is synonymous with the word “busy.” If there isn’t a current fire to put out, there will be shortly. Being busy and strategically solving problems is what we do and whether we want to admit it or not, it becomes a slight addiction.

As a leader of Granite Management Group I make it a priority to SHOW UP, even when I’m busy. Throughout my entire career I’ve made it a point to be present at my properties and for my team. I can’t tell you how often or how many times a property manager has nervously asked me, “uh, what are you doing here?” And, if you’ve ever worked with me, you know this can be an adjustment. Our teams and our people get used to a reality that if a regional level associate or higher shows up, there’s a problem. Not with me, and not for anyone on my regional team at GMG. When we show up, we show up to help.

So, how does Showing Up build value to your company, your team and result in property success?

Builds Trust: We all know that without our on-site teams being the best that they can be, it is nearly impossible to manage a property to optimal performance. We all also know that being on-site is HARD and our teams are often swamped with deadlines, resident issues, client visits and typically high expectations from the management company for which they work. Showing up to help communicate to our teams that we understand their world of “busy” and that the success of the property is a TEAM effort, which involves Regional and Executive leaders as well.

Creates a Worm’s Eye View: This is the opposite of bird’s eye view, which is where most Regional level associates hang out, mostly due to our favorite word, “busy.” They can see the property and they can point out a few areas where there may be some potential under-management or development opportunities, but only on the surface. Showing Up allows us to see where there are potential gaps in management and find ways to add value through a team member’s growth, updating a procedure or process, and even implement a change needed outside of the standard approach.

Staying in the Know: It happens to everyone; we get that promotion and are now officially off-site. We hang out behind our computers and show up to the conference room for corporate meetings and quickly FORGET what the day-to-day operations of a property look like. We jump on the monthly owner’s call and quickly get a rude awakening when asked, “Regional Ron, what’s going on with the…?” A question that we don’t have the answer to. Yikes. We owe it to the owners of our properties to have answers, and sometimes we won’t have them unless we’ve taken the time to SHOW UP.

In a world and an industry where “busy” is a word we say often, we will continue to Show Up. We Show Up because we will be able to perform at our highest potential and that is always our goal.